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SOGLast updated Friday, April 5, 2019
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Decontamination wipes are specifically designed to remove soot and contamination from vulnerable areas of the skin exposed to fire by-products. The use of decontamination wipes are to be used on all affected areas of the skin immediately after exposure, including face, jaw angle, neck, throat and groin. They can be used to remove potentially carcinogenic debris from protective equipment.

Supplemental Resources


SOG Sample - Infectious Disease Decontamination

Policy on decontamination after exposure to any potentially infectious material


SOG Sample - Decontamination-PPE & Personnel

Guide on use of wipes post exposure to fire by products

Technical Bulletin

Cancer Prevention: PPE Decontamination

Highlights importance of cleaning PPE after gear is contaminated


Cancer and the Firefighter - An Awareness

Overview of cancer's impact on the emergency responder


Decontamination Wipes

This online VFIS-U program is to provide background information on the use of decontamination wipes to prevent carcinogen exposure to firefighters and EMS personnel


NFPA 1500 Worksheet

Checklist reviewing compliance with NFPA 1500

Technical Bulletin

Implementation of NFPA 1500

NFA EFO Applied Research Project developed a process for implementing NFPA 1500 standard, 1997 edition for the FD

Technical Bulletin

Reducing Carcinogen Exposure

This NFA EFO research seeks to identify, develop and implement best practices to eliminate or significantly reduce firefighter exposure to carcinogens


Reducing Known Risk of Cancer in Firefighters

Report providing suggestions to reduce Risk of Cancer

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